Metal Marking Equipment

numbering and lettering automatic numbering heads hand stamps non-automatic numbering heads

Numberall is a manufacturer of metal marking equipment, metal marking machines and marking devices for industry. Our products can be used for stamping serial numbers, date codes, product codes, and other permanent identification needs.


Numberall’s products utilize several Marking Methods including metal marking, hot stamping, and dot marking. We have been designing, manufacturing, and servicing a complete line of equipment since 1930.



New to Metal Marking?

If you are new to metal marking and need assistance in determining the correct marking equipment for your needs, try using the Metal Marking Product Chooser or Metal Marking Product Matrix. The Product Chooser surveys your marking needs with a few quick questions, then recommends a product based on your answers. The Product Matrix displays a summarized, comparison chart of all our products.


For further assistance with your specific marking requirements, contact one of our qualified sales representatives at