Company Profile

Numberall Ad from 1939Numberall Stamp & Tool Co., Inc. has been designing, manufacturing and servicing a complete line of quality marking equipment since 1930. The Numberall name has become synonymous with the highest standards for design, craftsmanship, engineering and product reliability in the industry.


Originally based in Staten Island, New York, the company now has its corporate headquarters, sales, engineering and manufacturing facilities in Sangerville, Maine. By operating in the heart of one of Maine's foremost recreational areas, Numberall has been able to utilize the pool of quality craftsmen for which this state has been known.


Numberall's equipment can be used to mark an array of components such as nameplates, tags, keys, small parts, bushings, round shafts and completely assembled parts. Each of these components can be marked with numbers, letters, symbols, logos, and any other identifying marks. Numberall offers the equipment to mark virtually any material from stainless steel to polyvinyl chloride.


You can find Numberall's markings from the far reaches of space aboard the Space Shuttle to the depths of the oceans on board this country's submarine fleet, and from identifying tags on cattle to sophisticated electronic components in today's marketplace. Our wide variety of marking devices has been constantly improved and updated over the years to reflect technological advances in the industry. The thousands of Numberall products still in service after more then 70 years are testimonial to the quality and standards that have made us a leader in the industry.